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CMG Global Radio is a distributor of Syndicated Radio shows, we presently air and distribute 44 global radio shows each and every week Monday through Wednesday. We also air our week-end shows on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All shows are simultaneously broadcast to the 600 online radio stations owned by CMG Global Media and the Cramer Multi Media Group our parent company. The global radio shows are also picked up and aired by stations through out the entire global network of stations. At any given time you can hear CMG distributed radio shows all across the globe. Each show of course has its own listener base from their own local as well their international markets. It would be all most impossible to give any kind of an accurate figure to the amount of listeners that all of our shows have although we know that there are thousands of listeners each and everyday from all around the world.

Our week-end shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are dedicated entirely to our CMG Global Radio Club Members. 24 hours a day on the week-ends you will hear our Club Members and their songs. These week-end shows are provided to us by Donald Lee Burdick Jr. owner of HEVN Radio.

All of the shows distributed by The CMG Global Radio Networks are owned, operated and controlled by the individual owners of the shows. CMG Global Radio, CMG Global Media, The Cramer Multi Media Group and all of our company owned affiliates shall not be liable for any materials aired by these shows. The individual show owners, hosts, Disc Jockeys, Presenters and or stations are responsible solely for what they air and all of the legalities that go with the airing of their shows.

If you are an artist, songwriter or music industry professional we would like to extend to you an invitation to join the CMG Global Radio Club!


Carmella Inchierchiera, Award Winning Songwriter.
Tall Timber Antique Medicine Show
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(All Radio Club Members songs played on CMG Global Radio affiliated shows and stations are played with the permission of the artists and or songwriters)

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